Zippy Sealz Smell Proof testing bags

Zippy Sealz Mylar Sample & Testing Bags are the perfect bags to preserve your products’ freshness and keep odours locked in.

With two individually closing zippers and a double layer of mylar foil to create the perfect barrier film, these bags are a must for sample and scientific uses. Our bags are extra strong, reusable and very durable for transit.

We intentionally omitted putting tear notches on our bags so that a heat seal could be properly positioned without the need to cut the zippers when opening.

Tear notches positioned on smaller mylar bags make it very difficult to heat seal the openings without catching and sealing the zippers.
Because Zippy Sealz don’t have tear notches, they are resealable even after they are cut from the heat seal.

Key Features:

  • Two layers of smell-proof food grade material
  • Heat sealable for an extra barrier of protection
  • Reusable even after the heat seal has been cut
  • Two sizes: Small: 5”x4.25” and Medium: 6.75”x5.5”
  • Three vibrant colours, blue, silver & black
  • Incredibly strong and durable for safe transit
  • Gas and moisture resistance
  • Odour resistant
  • 100 microns thick

Why a Mylar foil bag?
Mylar is a clear material made from polyester resin which is ideal for long term storage and for reducing the amount of oxygen and moisture that can enter Zippy Sealz Sample & Testing Bags.

Are your bags different?
Yes, our bags are made with an extra layer of mylar as well as a nylon composite.
They are also available in three individual colours for product differentiation.

Zippy Sealz Smell-Proof Mylar Bags

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