Zippy Sealz 100% Smell Proof Mylar Bags with Countertop Display Boxes

Make extra money at the checkout and keep your customers coming back with Zippy Sealz Double Zipper Smell-Proof Mylar Bags with space saving Countertop Display Boxes.

In 2 popular sizes and 3 unmarked vibrant colours, Zippy Sealz Smell Proof Mylar Bags hold your similar food products without the need for labelling.

About this Product:

  • Two individually closing zippers provide an extra strong, air-tight seal to keep odours in and air out.
  • No visible advertising, branding or labelling on the outside of the bags for maximum discretion.
  • Two layers of proprietary food-grade materials for extra odour prevention.
  • 100% smell proof, water proof & leak-proof.
  • Resealable, reusable, washable and puncture-resistant.
  • 3 colours: Black, Blue & Silver and assorted packs.
  • 2 sizes: Small 5” x 4.25” & Medium 6.75” x 5.5”.
  • Available with or without space efficient reloadable display boxes with pop-up sign backers for maximum visibility to your promote sales.
  • Available with backer signs in French as well as English.

Purchase 5 or more items in the Zippy Sealz Retail or Zippy Sealz Food Bag category to receive a 10% discount.

For additional volume discounts, please inquire.

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