About Us

Get to know ZipMaster Supply Co.!

ZipMaster Supply Co. is not just a company.

We're a team of passionate, talented, fun-loving folks creating and providing innovative, high-quality eco-friendly consumables to the Horticultural, Garden Supply, and horticulturist retail industries.

With educational backgrounds in botany, genetics, biochemistry, and design and decades of experience in hospitality, manufacturing, distribution, and plant cultivation, it became crystal clear that we were meant to join forces.

Hence ZipMaster Supply Co. LTD. and Zippy Sealz were born!

With items ranging from recyclable, biodegradable, and reusable Bags and Signs, to BPA Free POS Rolls, Smell-Proof Food Bags, Labels, Signage and Shelving Solutions, those decades of experience have empowered us to create an excellent business with consumable products that businesses need, and service and distribution that is next to none!

Whether you're a backyard garden hobbyist, a large-scale cultivator, or a private retail store, the caring ZipMaster Team will ensure that the products you need with the service you deserve are quickly delivered right to your door!!

We're on this incredible once-in-a-lifetime journey with one of the fastest-growing industries of our time. It's our sincerest hope you'll join us with your input and come along for the ride.

James, Kim & the entire ZipMaster Team (including Zippy our mascot)