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Extra Strength Smell-Proof Mylar Bags

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                 The Perfect Cannabis                                Zippy Sealz Mylar Bags are here!

Zippy Sealz Smell Proof Mylar Bags are ideal for storing Cannabis and Hemp flower, short- or long-term use.

These bags are the best overall smell proof mylar weed bags on the market. The are made with a special nylon film that makes them super strong, puncture resistant and even cannabis odour smell proof.

Zippy Sealz mylar bags are also resealable and reusable and can be heat sealed. The two individual track zippers keep your cannabis aromatics locked in. Preserving the integrity of Cannabis flower is important as over time, terpenes and cannabinoids degrade.  Zippy Sealz mylar bags are specifically designed to be more effective at preserving the integrity of cannabis flower then other available plastic bags. As cannabis reacts much differently than food in bags, maintaining valuable strain terpene profiles and cannabinoids on the cured bud is vital.

Our bags use a proprietary technology designed specifically for the cannabis industry made with durability, odor control and oxygen dispersion.  The double zippers also add an extra layer of protection for an extra strength seal.

                   Preserve Your Cannabis                                  with an Extra strong seal

The Quick Zip Tool is another feature ZipMaster Supply Co has introduced to their product line. These unique little tools are perfect for closing your cannabis storage bags. Zippy Sealz smell proof bags technology was developed aimed at the cannabis industry creating an odour proof bag that is capable of protecting the more vulnerable trichomes and cannabinoids more effectively than other methods that use materials not designed for cannabis curing and storage.

These very special smell proof bags have high barrier properties that provide superior dispersing, keeping your marijuana concealed.  We recommend using Zippy Sealz Smell Proof Bags for also curing cannabis to the point of consumption.

Zippy Sealz mylar bags will also increase the shelf life and preserve the quality and freshness of your cannabis.

Zippy Sealz smell proof bags are well known in the cannabis industry to be the most effective packaging in preserving your delicate cannabis flower. The ultimate packaging solution everywhere cannabis is found.

Nylon-reinforced outer layer makes our reusable cannabis storage bags the toughest on the market.

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Benefits to using Zippy Sealz      Smell Proof Mylar Weed Bags

If you are looking to store your cannabis weed in plastic bags for short-or long-term use, you should consider storing weed (cannabis flower) in Zippy Selaz Mylar Bags.

Why? Because mylar has excellent properties to keep your cannabis flower kept fresh and away from light, heat and oxygen which can degrade the quality of marijuana over time.

The low oxygen transmission rate and the thickness of the mylar foil laminate makes this material smell proof and is resistant to extreme temperatures. Studies show the best temperature for storing weed is 60 degrees fahrenheit.

An Affordable Cannabis Storage Solution


Zippy Sealz mylar bags are the best smell proof bags for weed on the market and are also more affordaable than other cannabis storage solutions such as glass jars. Zippy Sealz mylar bags are smell proof, food grade safe, durable, flexible, tear resistant and ideal for keeping cannabis aromatics locked in.

With two independant closing zippers and an area to heat seal, you can be assured you have a 100% smell proof bag for your cannaabis flower, hash, shatter, or anything else you need to keep discreet.

Zippy Sealz mylar bags are also water proof and even float if they accidently go into the water.




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