2.5″ W x 4.25″ Adjustable Swivel Clips 12/Case

$49.00 Per 10/Case


Our 2.5″w 4.25″ h Adjustable Swivel Clips/Sign Holders are a great all-in-one solution for holding, protecting, and displaying your signage when clipped onto your shelves or other edges and also serve as merchandising signage when sitting flat.

The height of 4.5″ height provides a large surface area for detailed product info or branding to be used and any standard paper or card stock can be used as it slides inside the clear plexi folds. The large clear clip grips onto any surfaces under .75″ h and will also sit on any flat surface.

Clips swivel up and down so that your signage is visible from almost any vertical vantage point as well from distances out of reach including behind counters or under glass encasements..

Signs are washable and reusable for years of use.